It’s Wednesday

Ok, so it’s Wednesday. On a normal Wednesday it goes…. Get up get Our Little Guy, up, dressed, fed, and off to school we go. Then Dr’s office, and done for the day. Today is court…. and while in TX they don’t want kids in court ( doesn’t really hurt my feelings) I have to wait for Ms. M to call and tell me what they’ve decided ( I am NOT the worlds most patient woman.)  I hate to wait, and on a court day it’s nothing but waiting. So today I’m trying to keep my brain busy, I spent the morning taking pictures at both of the small towns that are close. If you interested you can check them out on the photography page. Now I think I’m gonna go play in the front flower beds…. All the while sitting on my phone, waiting (willing) it to ring with good news.

UPDATE:   The phone rang…. with…… No news but of another court date. So I guess in this case, NO news is really good news.

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