Chilli and Cinnamon Rolls

It’s a quite lazy slow Sunday afternoon, mostly because both my men are napping… So I thought I’d take advantage of that and indulge in one of my other loves, baking . As it is also quite chilly today, I thought that called for Chilli…. yum yum….. but not the chilli of my childhood,( Skyline Chili, chili with spaghetti)  good old fashioned Chili with beef and beans not quite hot enough to melt your face, it’s not that cold yet, but with a nice warmth to warm up your insides. The cinnamon rolls come from Mr. Crazy’s side of the family… after all who ever heard of cinnamon rolls with chili?? Well before rolling your eyes and chuckling… try it, it really is good and goes together quite well. I’d have never thought it up…. but then again I had never heard of eating chili without spaghetti. 

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