Kind of Random

OK, so today is going to be one of those days that are Random… I got in my car and the little info bar said, check right front tire pressure, hit the info button…. and I get Left tire 35 psi and Right tire 29 psi. No big deal, I take Our Little Guy to school, come home to take care of the whole tire pressure deal….. get my tire pressure checker thingy…. turn on the air compressor…..  fill the tire, to 35 psi, jump back in the car turn it on…. and (gerrrrrr) the same warning pops up….. get out of the car….. re-check, yep, still says 35 psi on my handy dandy tire checker thingy, get back in the car turn it on….. bam…. same warning. But I know it’s wrong! So the whole random thought was\is do Dads still teach there kids to work on cars? I remember my Dad teaching me to change the tires, change the oil, change the spark plugs and wires ( which most cars don’t even have anymore) I guess he taught me how to do the general maintenance on my car. But with car becoming more and more computerized…. do you take it somewhere, or do you fix it yourselves? (oil changes and such?)

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