The Weekend

We had a very productive weekend, with a nice visit with Our Little Guys Mom…. which went pretty well. Bath time is on the up swing… and Adventures in Potty Training are going right along.

On Sun, Mr. Crazy say to me…. Leave… go on…. get out, go spend some alone time….. So tell me what is a woman to do??  I did what any sane red-blooded woman would do, I grabbed my purse and keys and gratefully fled the house. I had no plan…. and the whole of the day before me. well, let me tell you in Central Texas on a Sunday morning…. there is next to nothing open…… at least no until noon. So I wondered around stores I haven’t been in, in years…. Big Lots, has some very interesting stuff…. but I noticed they have their Christmas stuff out already!! I am soooo not in the mood to think about Christmas… yet. The Dollar Store also has some interesting stuff….. but I think that can be another store where you have to pay attention, due to some prices being higher that say… Wal-Mart. Who’d of thunk it? Target has the cutest shoes…. but I resisted, no need to make Mr. Crazy crazier….. So all in all it was a good day, I wonder around got some cool ideals for some future projects.
 And the “boys”… might wonder?  Well, they got to hang out, watch some football, play blocks, and cars!! Which looking back was prolly the whole plan in the first place.

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