Court….. Visit….. and Heels

Today was court, what an eye opening experience on the floor we were on was the Social Services court room as well as the child support court room. People from all walks…. and some that prolly shoulda kept on walking (No, I’m not trying to be mean…. really!) I do love to people watch, but today I had to quit watching the people and just watch the shoes…. (way better!!) some of them were way cute, some were borning…. and some border on the fantastic! All shapes and sizes and the colors, wow!! The cutest shoes had to be a pair of tan stilettos, with a double strap with flowers. The most outrageous were a pair of…… kind army boots, but not really…. black mid calf laced real loose with lots of straps and buckles… (a guy had them on) with his slacks tucked in the tops…. ;o) (nope not kidding!!) If I were braver or sneaker I’d have taken pictures. But I didn’t wanna get caught, (like I did at Wal-mart one time…. not pretty, not pretty at all.)  All of that aside… Our Little Guy will be with us for at least 2 more weeks.(yeah!!!) And the visit…. well it went, and I guess went ok, but we are having a huge case of the “visit fidgetts”! So all in all, everything right and good in the Crazy Household.

                                              Happy Halloween to all!

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Easy Peasy Craft

Before and after….. I had an old, beat up cookie sheet, I spray painted it black, cut 3 pieces of scrapbook paper to fit, Modge Podged it all together, ran a ribbon through the hole that was already there… voila… instant magnet board. (Because you can’t use magnets on stainless steel)

Visit Day

 Today we have another visit, which means I have to dress… (catty, I know, but I can’t help it) and by dress I don’t mean to the nines or anything just be put together in a grown up way. But since today’s visit is in a park…. no heels, (boooo hoooo) So i’m thinking my fall uniform, (which reminds me I need to text my neighbor and see if I can wear her boots again!) Skinnys, a tank and a cardigan or a blazer. And those knee high flat boots, just set it all off!! Cute!!  Now onto hair….. Thank god for Kate…. she has amazing post up for  Not Just a ponytail that is super easy and very very cute! I’m sure y’all are getting tired of hearing about Kate….. but she really is amazing.

I’ve seen this all over
Mostly turned out!! I’m pretty happy with it.

BTW, my Amazing neighbor said….. Yes!!  (I have got to find a pair of theses boots!!)

These boots!!

1st ever Birchbox!

Woot Woot, I got my very first BirchBox today, (should have checked the mail on Sat.) and I have to admit my first thought was….. “It’s not very big, is it?!” But that aside…. when I opened it… it was packed full of stuff. Very cool stuff….and a cute little bag to keep it all in. Love, love, love the lip balm, silky going on and smells pretty good. Was very pleasantly surprised by the perfume…. very, very nice and not over the top! The eyeshadow is amazing! I haven’t tried the hair tie, but I’m sure I’ll get around to it. I’ve never tried dry shampoo before…. but we’ll see. Maybe. So all in all, I’m gonna have to rate it a keeper… just because I was pleasantly surprised.

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PJ day

Today is PJ Day!! The one day I don’t bother with getting dressed, no hair (well, a messy ponytail, but that doesn’t count)  NO makeup, no contacts….. no nothing. I love PJ day! We even skipped mass this morning (yes, I know…. shame, shame shame) We don’t have an absolutely do nothing day very often, so when I feel we’ve all had enough… That’s when I declare a PJ Day! So after a weeks of school…. therapy…. work…. and all that goes on, everybody need that one day…. of nothingness. A day to not get dressed…. watch mindless tv….. play with cars and play-do, or just read!!
                                                        Happy PJ Day to all  

High Five for Friday

I’m gonna try something new…. High Five for Fridays!

Favorite Outfit for the week 
Tattoo for Potty!!
Next project?? Love Love Love!!
Most Compliments 
Tee Shirt Flower

1. Favorite Outfit- Cardigan, JC Penney
                       Cami, I don’t remember, some store in the  French Quarter, New Orleans
                       Skinny Jeans , Ann Taylor
                        Necklace, Rue 21

2. Our Little guy got the Tattoo for going potty at school!! WooHoo

3. Next Project, my friend Mo has this hanging in her beautiful garden… it’s a candelabra with random charms hanging on it.

4. Today’s project, a tee shirt flower for my scarfs.

5. Hair, backward french braid to a messy ponytail. (looks harder than it is!)

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Tee Shirt Flower

I cut out 12 of theses flowers
I used my sizzix for the flower,# 654980
Cut a felt circle about 3inches,
2 slits to run the tie
Fold flowers in half, then quarters
Glue on the circle
Then offset the rest.
I matched the side up.
Button in the center
Can’t find my rhinestones…
It’ll be cuter when it dries!


I am so using Pinterest to get dressed today. I have to clean house, do the laundry, (early release day tomorrow.) and I get to have a photo shoot with my Favorite Baby! I’ve been waiting to do his pictures for a bit, he’s 2 months old, so it hasn’t been foorr eevveerr, but still. So today I want something, comfortable, baby friendly, house cleaning friendly, and cute! I think I’ve found it in this pin….


Soon as I get dressed I’ll post my take on it…..

So now I’m dressed….. and it’s “a ok I guess outfit”…. but I’m going with it.

Ok, I lied…. I just could get into it. So I changed,

The scarf was hot…. and it kept getting in my way, and it’s hot…. (whew, it’s hot or is that hot flashes?)

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So today I’m jumping on the scarf bandwagon…. however when I looked in stores, wow, all that for a scrap of material??!! Well I can make that…..

With some help from pinterest, (don’t ya just love pinterest?)


This one I didn’t take pictures of the making…. but cut some tee shirts into different sized strips, braid, twist, loop, whatever you want till you have the look you want. Tie together, wrap the joint, stitch closed. Presto Change-o…. Scarf!!