Retail Therapy at Wal-mart

Today was supposed to be Muffins with Mom, at Our Little Guy’s school. But I guess they don’t do for the ppcd kiddos, I couldn’t believe how disappointed I was. I guess I do miss the whole life geared around what the kiddies are doing. So instead I went off to Wal-mart…. (snicker, snicker) for a little retail therapy. Got Our Little Guy some blocks…. yes, just plain wooden blocks. They help with fine motor skills along with gross motor skills, plus I think he’ll have fun building towers and knocking them down with his cars! What’s not to love about that?

I also got some material and a pattern to make a tote bag….  Since I failed to mention my Mother brought me her old sewing machine!! Woot woot, however now I have to learn to sew all over again, as I really haven’t done any sewing in prolly 20 years! So the word of the day is…. easy patterns!!

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