Retail Therapy at Wal-mart

Today was supposed to be Muffins with Mom, at Our Little Guy’s school. But I guess they don’t do for the ppcd kiddos, I couldn’t believe how disappointed I was. I guess I do miss the whole life geared around what the kiddies are doing. So instead I went off to Wal-mart…. (snicker, snicker) for a little retail therapy. Got Our Little Guy some blocks…. yes, just plain wooden blocks. They help with fine motor skills along with gross motor skills, plus I think he’ll have fun building towers and knocking them down with his cars! What’s not to love about that?

I also got some material and a pattern to make a tote bag….  Since I failed to mention my Mother brought me her old sewing machine!! Woot woot, however now I have to learn to sew all over again, as I really haven’t done any sewing in prolly 20 years! So the word of the day is…. easy patterns!!

The Begning….

Well, Welcome to my blog. Come on in, make yourself at home….

 Just a little background, I woke up one day and decide that maybe I could write a blog… I follow enough of them a few of my favorites are…  Kate over at The Small Things Blog  she is great at the girl stuff and I’ve learned tons!! For fun and food there is Katy at Buffalo Gals BakeryMiniManor is another great one on Decorating and DIY’ing, along with Hi Sugarplum and Honey We’re Home. For Organizing you really can’t beat IHeart Organizing just to name, well, more than a few.

After raising 3 children to mostly self-relent adult-hood, we have decided to start over and open our home and our hearts to foster children… so far I have to say it’s been a challenge, but when “my little guy” looks up and says “Gee, I sure like being here”. It makes it soooo worth it! So Thanks to Mr. Crazy for dragging me into this.

I love to cook, umm, bake, craft, sew, decorate my house,wonder around central Texas with my camera…. So I’m hoping y’all will come along with my on my new adventure….

Fish in a Bag

Fish in a Bag
Fish in a Bag

1 cup quinoa
Cayenne pepper seasoning
2 filets of samon
1 pepper
Asparagus                                                                                                                                                                       ½ cup Mushrooms
Fresh thyme or oregano
Red onion
Salt and pepper

Put quinoa and 2 cups water into pot. Bring to a boil. Add salt pepper and dash of cayenne. Cover and simmer 15 min. fluff and transfer to bowl and allow to cool.
Preheat oven to 400.
Cut asparagus and pepper to matching sizes. Thinly slice onion
Put Quinoa on large piece of parchment, place salt and peppered halibut on top. Line up asparagus and pepper pieces on each side of fish leaning toward it. Place thin onion slices on top. Spread mushrooms on top of onions. Then add fresh herbs. Squeeze half a lemon on. Seal up parchment so it forms a pouch crimping all sides. Bake for 15 min


So everybody who’s anybody is in bed and fast asleep…. so what am I doing?? Trying my hand at making necklaces.  The first I’m really gonna go get some more beads and redo it, the 2nd…. I love!!

Everything you need


Supplies: Your choice of beads. I used black and silver glass beads (about 21 total)
Ribbon, 1/8″
Organza Ribbon, 7/8″
A handful of jump rings, a lobster claw hook ( I got a little package of silver findings, had everything I needed plus.)
Needle nosed pliers
needle, small enough to go through the beads but big enough to thread the ribbon through

Cut a yard of the bigger ribbon, cut that in half, so you have 2 pieces 1 1/2 feet long.
Thread one side through a jump ring, knot. (a)
Thread the one through a jump ring attached to a lobster claw hook, knot, (b) set both aside till the end
Cut a yard of the thinner ribbon, cut in half, knot one end (c) so you have a loop.
Thread 1 bead on one side of the loop, knot on both sides of the bead, as closed to the bead as you can.
On the other ribbon thread 2 beads, tie both ribbons together, knot.
follow that pattern, alternating the beads on the ribbons.

The finish was fun….. I looped the bigger ribbon through the loop of thinner ribbon, back up to the jump ring and knotted it. nobody will bee it anyway. I’ll try to figure out a better way of doing it.

This is a better tutorial…. and the original

The 2nd one I love, but I didn’t take any pictures of the making…..  (duh) I like the bead better and I didn’t use any ribbon. Embroidery thread, and finished it by knotting it around a jump ring.